While I was working at the San Francisco Ballet we produced a festival of new works called “Unbound”. There were a number of ancillary events associated with the festival including, “Unbound Live,” a series of livestream broadcasts featuring dancers creating and rehearsing the new ballets.

We worked with the design agency Cibo on the style guide for the festival, and I worked with their Creative Director to create templates and guidelines for video, website, and social media content related to the festival, as well as templates for the “Unbound Live” broadcasts.

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This is an example of the artwork for the Unbound Festival which includes the logotype, colors, and photography.

The Unbound Live logo incorporates the logotype for the festival (i.e. “unbound”) and introduces a new type and color for “Live”. We wanted the shape of the word “Live” to contrast with the rounded curves of “unbound” while also denoting the digital medium where the event would take place.

Like the festival, we felt it was important to find a way to incorporate dancers into the artwork. However, unlike the festival, which would feature full productions (e.g. lights, costumes, etc), Unbound Live would showcase dancers working with choreographers to create these new ballets. The experience, by contrast, is much more intimate and unpolished. Instead of using the studio photography in the festival artwork, we opted for rehearsal photos, ideally featuring choreographers, to clarify the difference in experience and set expectations for viewers.

Website Content

A couple examples of how the Unbound Live identity extended to website content.

Social Media

To build awareness and anticipation for Unbound Live we leveraged Facebook and Instagram's ability to share multiple images in a single post, and created slide shows that unveiled the name of the festival and the upcoming event. This allowed us to showcase more images and, by breaking up the word "unbound" over multiple images, to both reveal the name and visualize the idea of being unbound.


Unbound Live was broadcast on Facebook. To tie the event to the marketing materials I created lower-thirds and interstitial slides using our Unbound Live identity system. The biggest challenge was creating the lower-thirds. They needed to be readable on desktop and mobile devices and, if possible, shouldn't obscure the action.

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