Just Equations is a not-for-profit organization based in Berkeley, CA working to re-conceptualizing the role of math in ensuring equal educational opportunities for k-12 and college students. I was hired to provide design support for a number of projects including creating documents and signage for their annual conference, developing iconography for use in print and online publications, illustration of their principles for designing a better educational experience, and creating letterhead and presentation templates.

ClientJust EquationsProjectVariousDeliverablesIconography, Illustration, Document and Presentation templates, Conference Signage RoleDesigner

Iconography & Design Principles

I was asked to design iconography and to illustrate Just Equation's "design principles". These are the principles Just Equations recommends are used when when considering how to create more equitable math education for students in k-12 and college.

Conference Documents & Signage

Just Equations has a conference every year to bring together thought leaders in math education to discuss opportunities for bringing greater equity to students. I was asked to create templates for and design the handouts and signage for the conference.

Presentation Template

Every year Just Equations travels around the country giving talks on how to create greater equity in math education. I was asked to create a template for their presentations which could accommodate a wide variety of content including tables, charts, images, quotes, and data point callouts.

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