Behavior Infuser is a SAAS product developed by Capacity Interactive, a digital arts marketing consultancy serving some of the largest and most well established brands in the industry. Behavior Infuser tracks and authenticates user behavior on a website and pushes that information to a CRM. In this case, Tessitura, a ticketing and CRM platform used broadly by the arts industry. As the Product Manager I was tasked with launching Behavior Infuser, including overseeing the creation of a marketing website. I worked with the Marketing Director, Lead Designer, and CEO to build the site. My task was to determine the digital strategy, content, and user experience for the site and to hand it off to our designer. Once they had completed their work, I was tasked with implementing the design.

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Website Preview

Where should the site live?

Before we could design the site we had to determine where it was going to live. Behavior Infuser is a sub-brand of Capacity Interactive. The question was whether the promotional site should live on Capacity’s site, as a subpage or subdomain, or if it should live on its own (e.g.

Conclusion: We decided that our brand was our biggest asset, and our current clients the most likely to sign up, in which case, Behavior Infuser should live on Capacity’s website where the relationship between the product and the company would be clearest.

How should the site be structured?

Behavior Infuser is a highly technical piece of software, and for our constituents, relatively expensive. We needed to clearly articulate  complex ideas and make a compelling value proposition to our prospects. At the same time, Behavior Infuser wasn’t a turnkey solution and required a higher touch experience then a website could provide. We needed to make our case and drive potential clients to contact us.

Conclusion: We decided a single page site could provide a compelling and informative experience, while also driving prospects to a clear call-to-action.

How do we build a compelling site in a few weeks?

We didn’t have a lot of time or budget to build and test a new website. We knew we’d need a development framework that was easy to use, and ideally one that was familiar to the Marketing team, since they’d be maintaining the site over the longterm.

Conclusion: Build a Wordpress site. Capacity’s primary site is built on Wordpress, which meant it was familiar to staff and easy to get up and running in a short period of time. I was also familiar with the development environment and had found a theme that provided modules and design elements we could leverage in the design.

User Experience

Once we'd settled on a single page site I got to work on organizing the information on the page. There was a lot to consider. Our primary audience was marketing directors at arts organizations, which meant a wide range of technical knowledge and a limited budget. We needed to orient them to the product and quickly make a case for the ROI. Instead of jumping to wireframes, I decided to outline the content to help me and the team think about the story structure before we started thinking about the details of the content.

With the page structure locked in, I started to work on the details of each section. I was using a Wordpress theme, so I tried to leverage the built in modules and design elements where they made sense, and explored custom options when nothing else would work. The key was to keep the user engaged by finding modules that fit the information we were trying to convey.

Frontend Development

I handed off the wireframes to our designer and she gave me back a mockup of the site. Since the wireframes and design mockup were based on the Wordpress theme layouts, building the site wasn't too difficult. There was a bit of CSS to get all of the colors and spacing done correctly, but we'd picked a well made theme, so a lot of work was already done for me. After extensive testing, we launched the site, and we were happy to find we'd met all of our goals–we'd built a compelling, easy to manage site, in a very short period of time. Watch the video below or scroll a little further and click on the link to the Behavior Infuser website to see for yourself.

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